Semester 1, 2015

PUBH2204 - FULL and comprehensive notes

123 pages

33,359 words




A complete summary of my notes over the semester. 123 pages.

The notes are separated into main topics and are in bullet point form under main bold/underlined main headings, and are comprised of a combination of lecture notes, weekly readings and textbook notes, and some extra research.

I found my notes incredibly useful for preparing for exams this semester, as well as for the assignments.

The main topics are:
- Introduction
- Disease Prevention and Control
- Measuring and Prioritising Disease in the Community
- Preventative Health Care
- High Risk vs. Population Approach
- Screening and Diagnostic Tests
- Social and Psychological Factors in Disease Control
- Communicable Disease Control
- Cancer
- Genetic Screening
- Current Strategies for Controlling Obesity in Australia
- Nutritional Disorders, 'Diabesity'
- Cardiovascular Disease
- Tobacco
- Preventative Care in the Elderly
- Disease Control in Childhood
- Patterns of Disease in Developing Countries

All main topics have several subheadings and cover several pages each - a comprehensive summary!




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