Subject completed in June 2015.

Prescribed readings:
Luntz, H., Hambly, D., Burns, K., Dietrich, J. and Foster, N., Torts: Cases and Commentary, (LexisNexis, 7th ed, 2012) (ISBN 9780409328462) and;
Clarke, A.D., Devereux, J.A., Werren J. and O'Reilly, J., Torts: A Practical Learning Approach (LexisNexis, 3rd Ed, 2013) (ISBN 9780409323964)

Great lecture notes add and expand on readings.All lectures present from very good lectures.

Thorough reading notes with clear titles, page references, case references. Three weeks some of prescribed reading not covered.

Topics covered:
The Tort of Negligence - An Overview - yes
The Elements in Focus: Duty of Care - yes
The Elements in Focus: Standard of Care and Breach of Duty - yes
The Elements in Focus: Causation and Scope of Liability for Consequences - yes
Defences to Negligence Claims - yes
Vicarious Liability and Non-delegable Duties - yes
Occupiers’ Liability - yes
Pure Economic Loss - yes
Medical Negligence - no but is covered in part in other topics
Negligence and Lawyers - no


Trimester 2, 2015

55 pages

16,518 words



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