Semester 1, 2015

ECON1000 Introduction to Economics Notes

41 pages

8,801 words




Comprehensive chapter-by-chapters notes for the whole unit.

Includes images from the lecture slides and textbook. Definitions and tables included. See reference below.

Relevant to students studying Introduction to Economics (ECON1000).

HD received all assessment items.

Reference: Brennan, Andrew J. 2015, Introductory Economics. Sydney, NSW: Pearson Australia.

Learning Module 1: What is economics?
Learning Module 2: Demand and Supply
Learning Module 3: Elasticity
Learning Module 4: Economic Efficiency
Learning Module 5: Behavioural Economics and Asymmetric Information, Part A
Learning Module 5: Government Intervention, Part B
Learning Module 6: GDP, Unemployment and Inflation
Learning Module 7: Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply
Learning Module 8: Monetary Policy
Learning Module 9: Fiscal Policy
Learning Module 10: Exchange Rates