- Detailed and well-structured notes that cover all the assessable learning materials in the subject
- These notes helped me get an outstanding result for the final exam- about 92%
- Contains relevant diagrams and examples that are important in writing a more detailed response
- Table of Contents and additional textbook information (with relevant pages) are also included for quick and easy reference- extremely useful in the open book final exam

Topics included:
1. Projects, Concepts and Stakeholders
2. Ethics
3. Project Initiations and Scoping
4. Selecting a Development Approach – Predictive vs Adaptive
5. Risk Management
6. Time Management
7. Resourcing, Costing and Budgeting
8. Quality within Projects
9. Monitoring, Control and Change
10. HR, Procurement and Project Closure


Spring session, 2018

33 pages

9,517 words



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