- Detailed and well-structured notes that address all the key learning points in the subject
- These notes helped me get outstanding results for the semester quizzes and the final exam- above 90% for each of these assessments!
- Combination of notes from the weekly International Marketing lectures and tutorials, prescribed textbook as well as additional research from the Internet
- Contains relevant diagrams and examples that are important in writing a more detailed response
- Acronyms that are useful in memorising components of key topics are also included

1. Introduction to International Marketing
2. International Strategic Planning and Market Research
3. International Political, Economic & Legal Environments
4. International Cultural, Social & Technological Environments
5. International Market Entry
6. International Product Development & Management
7. International Services Development & Management
8. International Distribution Structures & Management
9. International Logistics Models & Management
10. International Pricing Models & Management
11. International Promotion Concepts and Campaigns


Summer session, 2018

36 pages

8,888 words



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