Semester 2, 2018


48 pages

12,844 words




Comprehensive and well-organised note based on lectures, tutorials and textbook. Materials covered only for final examination (W5 - W12).

As marketing senior subjects require more depth and knowledge, I have read the whole textbook and went all the lectures and tutorials, and combined them all in this note in a simple and clear manner. A lot of diagrams and examples included to help you understand various marketing terms as well as answers for learning objectives for each chapters. It manages all the important parts in the textbook so you don't necessarily need to purchase or read the textbook separately.

I can pretty much assure you that you will never regret the purchase and can also easily get HD with this note ;)

The contents of the notes are as follow:
W6 Internal Influences 1
W7 Internal Influences 2
W8 Internal Influences 3
W9 Internal Influences 4
W10 External Influences 1
W11 External Influences 2
W12 External Influences 3
W13 Consumer Research Methods