Semester 2, 2018

ATS1264 summarised notes including lecture notes and readings

44 pages

21,442 words



These notes cover week 1-12 (excluding week 6 which was a week off), they are a combination of information from lectures and readings to make the ideas more comprehensible. It include the topics: vaccination, euthanasia, organ transplantation, organ transplantation with alcoholism, nudging and paternalism, restriction of ART, prenatal testing, genetic discrimination, liberal eugenics, genetics and crime.

The depth of the reading notes range from extensive to summarizing their main crucial ideas but the readings covered throughout the semester included are: Mandatory defense by Roland Pierik, Inquiry in to end of life choices by the parliament of Victoria, A case against euthanasia by Cohen and Wellman, Daniel Callahan – a case against physician assisted dying (PAD), bioethics of organ transplantation by Caplan, The last commodity reading by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Are alcoholics less deserving of liver transplants? by Daniel Brudney, Responsibility and priority of liver transplantation by
Walter Glannon, Nudging for Health: Public Policy and designing choice architecture by Quigley, Paternalism: conflicts between beneficence and respect for autonomy by Beauchamp, Tom L.; Childress, James F, Restricting access to ART on the basis of criminal record by Kara Thompson and Rosalind Mcdougall, Acshes view on disability, Leighton reading: accepting adoption uncertainty: the limited ethics of pre-adoption genetic testing, Powers reading on genetic privacy, The new pariahs reading by Kitchner, Liberal Eugenics – Nicholas Agar, Access to the Genome The Challenge to Equality by Mehlman and Botkin, Crime, genes and responsibility by Baron.




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