Semester 2, 2018

FINC2012 Corporate Finance II COMPLETE NOTES

58 pages

17,772 words




High quality notes that clearly, concisely and comprehensively outline the entire FINC2012 course. Complied from lecture notes, tutorials, the textbook and additional Women's College tutorials. HD quality notes.

These notes concisely cover the entire course and any of the relevant case study examples, all formulae and graphs / tables / diagrams.

Topics cover weeks 1 to 13, and include:
- Introduction and revision of using the NPV rule
- Risk and the cost of capital
- Dealing with risk in capital budgeting certainty
- Equivalents
- Capital Budgeting: project analysis evaluating projects
- Tools for uncertainty
- Options and corporate finance
- Real options
- Agency problems, performance measurement and signalling
- An overview of corporate financing
- How corporations issue securities
- Capital structure theory
- Debt and value in perfect markets
- Debt and value in imperfect markets
- Investment and financing interaction
- Dividend policy
- Dividends and value
- Financial planning

Very well structured and colour coded.