Semester 1, 2018

HD Sports Nutrition: Theory & Practice (HSN307) Notes

20 pages

4,847 words




-These notes are easy to follow, and cover the entire unit in great detail.
-They are colour coded, and include diagrams & pictures to enhance knowledge.
-These notes will ensure you get full marks on the online quizzes, and ace the exam.
-These notes helped me to get 90% (HD) in this unit

Topic List:
1. Energy Needs of Athletes (Part 1).
2. Energy Needs of Athletes (Part 2).
3. Carbohydrate Needs in Sport.
4. Protein Requirements for Sport.
5. Micronutrients.
6. Pre-Exercise Nutrition.
7. Fluid & Nutrient Intake During Exercise.
8. The Female Athlete Triad & Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports.
9. Post-exercise Recovery.
10. Supplements in Sport.