Exam Notes created in Trimester 2, 2018 for Principles of Torts LAW5003 in the Monash Juris Doctor.

These notes are aimed to provided a clear and concise outline of the critical facts, legal principles, instructions for applications and use of key legal principles.

The areas covered include:
- Trespass to the Person
- Assault
- Battery
- False Imprisonment
- Defenses
- Negligence
- Duty of Care
- Pure Mental Harm/Pure Economic Loss
- Breach/Causation/Remoteness
- Consequential Mental Harm
- Defenses
- Damages
- Vicarious Liability

Note: These notes do not contain Nuisance.
Furthermore if there are any inconsistency with these notes and your course work always refer to the external source outside these notes.


Semester 2, 2018

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