Semester 1, 2010

400868: Human Anatomy and Physiology (HAP) 1 Study Notes Part 1 & Part 2 (Mini Test 1 & 2)

22 pages

4,788 words




The Human Anatomy and Physiology unit consists of 2 mini tests throughout the semester worth 20% each of your overall mark (40% overall).

Thus, the tests are very important if you want to achieve a high mark or just want to pass. It is based on a set of pre-established questions. The questions cover lecture and tutorial material.

This document has thorough and detailed answers for all pre-established questions from Part 1 or Mini Test 1 and Part 2 or Mini Test 2. These are all the possible questions they can ask you!

This covers content from the whole semester. Creating these notes was very time consuming, so think of all the time you will save by having these excellent notes to prepare for the exam.

I received a High Distinction (85) for this subject, so you know these are high quality notes.

Please note that Pages 7 and 8 & Pages 14 and 15 are of the same page but because there is some writing in the medial border - I have 2 copies so no writing is missed.