Semester 2, 2018

NUTR2000 Notes

40 pages

17,748 words




My notes prepared me thoroughly for the NUTR2000 exam. I succinctly summarised all lecture/tutorial/textbook content into my own words in sentence/paragraph format. This enabled me to optimally answer all written questions in the final exam.

Topics include:
1. Introduction to PHN
2. Key Tools for PHN
3. PHN Strategy: Nutrition Education
4. Lifecycle Nutrition 1: School-aged Children
5. Lifecycle Nutrition 2: Pre-conception and Pregnancy
6. Lifecycle Nutrition 3: Lactation and Infant Feeding
7. Lifecycle Nutrition 4: Infants, toddlers and Preschoolers
8. Lifecycle Nutrition 5: Adolescents
9. Lifecycle Nutrition 6: Adults
10. Lifecycle Nutrition 7: Older Adults
11. PHN Priority Areas: Food Security and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition
12. Sustainable Eating




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