Semester 2, 2017

LAWS2016 Evidence 85HD Comprehensive Notes - All Readings AND Scaffolds Included

125 pages

51,634 words




Content dense notes! Covers all topics and includes ALL case readings, as well as including problem solving scaffolds at the end of the notes.

Notes follow the course, building the scaffold along the way. Each section includes mini-summaries to show where cases fit into the broader picture of each topic and the course overall. The full set of notes is then followed by a set of problem solving scaffolds.

A sample is taken from the "Discretion to Exclude" Topic.

Topics include:
- Introduction
- Proof Part 1
- Adducing Evidence (witnesses, documents and real evidence)
- Relevance
- Discretion to Exclude
- Hearsay
- Credibility
- Admissions and Self-Incrimination
- Opinion
- Character
- Tendency
- Proof Part 2