Semester 2, 2017

LAWS2017 Real Property - Comprehensive Notes ALL Readings AND Problem Solving Scaffolds/Menus included; 85HD Final Exam, 83 Overall

122 pages

48,201 words




Content dense notes! Covers all topics and includes all case readings as well as problem solving scaffolds! These were used in the final for a final exam mark of 85

Notes follow the course building the scaffold along the way - each section includes mini-summaries to show where cases fit in the picture, with the full set of notes followed by a set of problem solving scaffolds. A sample from the "Leases" Topic demonstrates both the general topic notes and case readings, and its associated scaffold

Topics covered:
1. Fundamentals of Land Ownership
2. Torrens Title
3. Co-ownership
4. Easements and Profits à Prendre
5. Covenants
6. Leases and Licenses
7. Mortgages