Semester 2, 2014

H1 OB notes (all topics & cases)

33 pages

12,367 words




Complete set of comprehensive notes for OB (unimelb) in which I achieved H1. OB is one of those subjects you just need good notes and to learn them as you already know what they could ask and there is a set boundary of combinations.

The notes aren't just 'summaries' of lectures, it has been APPLIED TO CASES, which is how they ask you in the exam, therefore the most efficient way to study! It has been divided into topics and under each topic applied to EACH case including summaries of theories, quotes/evidence from case when necessary and recommendations (which they always ask about!).

These are the notes I used to achieve H1 in a short amount of time as I did not put much effort towards this subject during the semester. It's formatted so it is easy to read and understand.

These comprehensive notes will minimise your time being wasted on writing notes and you can focus on understanding the cases/theories and practising writing. Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient way to use your limited time towards the exam, I'd highly recommend these notes! Many of my friends have relied on these and said it was all they needed.




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