Semester 1, 2018

Australian Administrative Law

92 pages

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Topic 1 – The Scope Of Administrative Law
‘Legal’ Accountability:
Components of Australian administrative law
Approaches to Administrative Law
Historical And Constitutional Contexts
British Inheritance
Responsible Government
Diceyan conception of Rule of Law
Prerogative Writs & Equitable Remedies
More complications
R v Kirby; Ex parte Boilermakers Society of Australia.
Topic 2 – The Scope Of Judicial Review
Nature of Judicial Review
What are some of the ways that restraint manifests itself in judicial review?
What do we mean by legal accountability in an AL context?
Green v Daniels (HCA, 1977)
Commonwealth Jurisdictions
Federal Courts – ADJR Act
Australian Broadcasting Tribunal V Bond (HCA 1990)
‘Administrative Character’
‘Made under an enactment’
Griffith University v Tang (HCA, 2005)
Neat Domestic Trading V Awb Ltd (HCA, 2003)
‘Constitutional’ (Judicial) Review Jurisdiction
State Judicial Review Jurisdiction
‘Constitutional’ (Judicial) Review Jurisdiction
State Judicial Review Jurisdiction
Neat Domestic Trading V Awb Ltd (Hca, 2003)
Kirk v Industrial Relations Commission [2010] HCA 1
Void/Voidable Error! Bookmark not defined.
Topic 4 (‘Grounds Of Judicial Reivew’)
Introduction – what are the errors of law?
Coco v R – Case On The Principle Of Legality
Procedural grounds ( ‘natural justice’ or ‘procedural fairness’ & procedural ultra vires?])
Hearing Rule
Why do we have natural justice? Why is it a good thing?
Significance of Kioa v West
Kioa V West (HCA, 1985)
The right to natural justice was then removed by the legislature in the ADJR Act.
Summary Of Kioa
Displacement of Natural Justice by Statute
Natural justice as a ‘procedural’ ground’
Applicant Veal Of 2002 v MIMIA
Role of ‘legitimate expectations’
Procedural Grounds
(a)Hearing Rule - Role of Legitimate Expectations
Re MIMIA; Ex Parte Lam (HCA 2003)
MIMIA v Jia Legang (HCA 2001)
(c) Procedural Grounds - Other Issues
(d)‘Procedural Ultra Vires’ ( ADJR Act, ss 5(1)(b), 6(1)(b))
‘Reasoning Process’ Grounds – Relevant & Irrelevant
(a) Introduction
(b)Considerations Grounds
MAA v Peko Wallsend Ltd (HCA, 1986)
Tickner v Chapman (Full Federal Court, 1995)
Improper Purpose, Bad Faith & Fraud
Schlieske v MIEA (Full Fed Court, 1988)
Inflexible Application Of Policy, Unlawful Policy, & Acting Under Dictation.
Rendell v Release On Licence Board (NSWCA
Riddell v Secretary, Dss (Full Federal Court, 1993)
Unauthorised Delegation
Reasoning Process Grounds of review Error! Bookmark not defined.
Application of Policy, Unlawful Policy, & Acting under Dictation.
Acting under dictation
Unauthorised delegation
Decisional Grounds ()
Jurisdictional error ()
The concept of error of law ()
Hope v Bathurst City Council (HCA, 1980)
Collector Of Customs v Agfa-Gevaert Ltd (HCA, 1996)
Errors of fact ()
(i) Jurisdictional Fact
Corporation of The City Of Enfield v Development Assessment Commission (HCA, 2000)
Factors re statutory construction (after Timbarra Protection Coalition Inc v Ross Mining NL (1999) NSWLR 55 (Spigelman CJ):
No evidence ()
Re MIMA; Ex Parte Applicant S20/2002 (HCA, 2003)
Wednesbury unreasonableness ()
The potential impact of human rights ()
Jurisdictional Error
Craig v South Australia (HCA 1995)
Example Of Error Within Jurisdiction Re Administrative Decision Makers –
SZHFC – P364
Uncertainty as a ground of review ()
‘State of mind’ powers & the concept of ‘discretion’ ()
Potential Impact Of Human Rights
Revisiting ‘No Evidence’ Ground - ‘Tutorial’ Problem
ACF the special interest test
Jurisdictional Error’
1. Introduction
2. Effect of Kirk
3. Distinction between jurisdictional error and non jurisdictional error
Topic 6 Restricting Judicial Review: Privateer Clauses
Two Types of Privative Clauses
Justifications for privative clauses
“Tectonic Plates”
Federal Privative Clauses
The Hickman principles
Federal privative clauses – the significance of plaintiff s157?




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