Semester 1, 2018

Tax Law Complete Exam Revision

18 pages

14,025 words




A complete and concise summary of the whole syllabus for finals. Organized for referencing during open book exam - all contents are complete and carefully organised for fast and efficient flipping-through. Appropriate equations and tables included as well. Material covers all of the following chapters:
Chapter 4: Measurement of Credit Risk.
Chapter 5: Dynamic Credit Exposure.
Chapter 6: Fundamental Credit Analysis.
Chapter 7: Alternative Estimations of Credit Quality
Chapter 8: Securitization
Chapter 9: Credit Portfolio Management
Chapter 10: Economic capital and Credit Value at Risk (CVaR)
Chapter 11: Regulation
Chapter 12: Accounting Implications of Credit Risk.
Chapter 13: Mitigating Derivative Counterparty Credit Risk.
Chapter 14: Structural Mitigation
Chapter 15: Credit Insurance, Surety Bonds and LoC
Chapter 16: Credit Derivatives
Chapter 17: Collateral Debt Obligations (CDO)
Chapter 18: Bankruptcy