Semester 2, 2018

PSYC3302 SPSS Lab Exam Notes

3 pages

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These notes are a clear and concise compilation of all the necessary information covered in the labs that is required for the lab exam. They are extremely succinct - perfect for last-minute revision!

They contain:
- Step-by-step instructions on how to perform each statistical analysis covered in the labs
- How to interpret each statistical analysis (in green)
- All formulas that must be memorised for the lab exam (highlighted in yellow)

Topics included:
- Pearson correlation
- Standard scores (z scores, t scores, percentile ranks)
- Basic reliability (alternate forms, test retest, and split half)
- Cronbach's alpha
- Item total correlation ( + corrected item total correlation)
- Average inter item correlation
- Item means mean and item means SD
- Disattenuation formula for imperfect reliability
- Maximum normative sample size
- Inter-rater reliability (intra class correlation)
- Principal components analysis
- Construct bias
- Predictive bias

Using these notes, I received a mark of 90% for the PSYC3302 SPSS lab exam.




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