Semester 2, 2017

Detailed Contracts B notes

170 pages

57,510 words




These notes are very detailed and hours of hard work went into making them. They cover all essential information for the Contracts B course

Includes various cases studied throughout the year and a scaffold for answering exam questions at the end of the notes.
It also includes all relevant sections of legislation needed.

These notes are everything you need to stay up to date and do well in Contracts B!!

Topic list:
Week 1 & 2: Express Terms
Week 3: Common Law - Implied Terms
Week 4: Gap Filling - Frustration
Week 5: Performance and Breach - Termination
Week 6: Termination and Remedies
Week 7: Damages and Limitations
Week 8: Vitiating Factors
Week 9: Misrepresentation and Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
Week 10: Vitiating Factors - Abuse of Power: Duress, Undue Influence, Unconscionable Dealing
Week 11 was the recess/reading week
Week 12: Rescission and Abuse of Power