Semester 1, 2018

Marketing Principles Final Exam Notes

164 pages

46,658 words




The notes provide all essential topics covered in the marketing principles subject from week 1-13.

The notes were derived from an e textbook (primarily), and lecture slides (more so with the data topics). Only the fundamental elements and examples were extracted making it comprehensive and easy to follow.

It took some time to make this as majority of the lecture notes were useless. I know its lengthy, but size matters when it comes to your benefit. There is a load of diagrams, tables, figures, and the important concepts are in colour. I wish I had this at the beginning of the session, but now you have the opportunity to gain a major advantage that I didn't. Don't waste time making notes, you will be 14 steps ahead of your peers with this.

Good luck and May the Market be with You.




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