Semester 1, 2016

Crime One Exam Notes

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Crime One Exam Notes - Weekly notes summarised into dot points for the exam

Topic List -
Week One – Introduction
Week Two – Course of Criminal Justice Process
Week Three – Chapter Five of the Criminal Code: Criminal Responsibility
Week Four – Chapter Five of the Code: Unwilled Acts, Accident, Intention and motive
Week Five – Insanity and Cognate Issues
Week Six - Intoxication s28, Immature Age s29, Compulsion s31, Emergencies s25, Medical Necessity s282, Palliative Care s282A
Week Seven – Inchoate (unfinished or incomplete offences) Liability and Parties to offences
Week Eight – Homicide
Week Nine – Provocation
Week Ten – Self Defence
Week Eleven – Non Fatal Violence and Non- Sexual Violence
Week 12 – Drugs
Week 13 – Rape and Sexual Assault