Semester 1, 2018

HIST1001 lecture notes

73 pages

15,066 words




These are detailed notes on lectures 1-13, as well as my own readings and notes, and links to the additional readings I did. For each study topic, I've typed up aprox. 5 pages/1,175 words, which in the full document, is 73 pages/15,066 words.

The study and lecture topics are:
- What is global history?
- European maps
- Islam, Africa, and the Indian Ocean
- The Vikings
- Asian views of the world
- European social hierarchies
- Asian peasant societies
- Climate, Disease, and Population (primarily the Black Death)
- The Americas, Europe, and the Columbian Exchange
- Ottoman Empire
- European governments
- Japanese government
- Portuguese expansion

(Please note that due to scheduling issues in sem 1 2018, the exact order and topic of lectures may be different to future semesters, however, the key topics and points will be the same)




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