Autumn session, 2018

Distinction Criminal Law notes for Fact Scenario Problem Solving and Final Exam

59 pages

19,219 words




This is a full set of notes for 70114 Criminal Law and Procedure, formatted in order to easily solve fact scenario style questions in the final exam.

I received a Distinction in this subject.

All offences are broken down into their elements in table format. Under each element, the authoritative cases are listed, with descriptions of the unique features of the case. This is very useful in solving fact scenarios as once you have located the offence in my notes, you can just follow the table and discuss each element, citing the relevant cases, to successfully determine a person's liability for the offence.

These notes include:
- All offences studied in the course
- Summary of all cases discussed in tutorials
- All relevant section of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW)
- Italicised important words and phrases (important for easy location when in an exam scenario)
- Relevant information from textbook and lectures

IMPORTANT: There is no useless information in these notes, they are not long for no reason. They are comprehensive, but still easy to flick through when solving fact scenarios.