Semester 2, 2016

Constitutional Law (LAWS50028) Pre-written Hypothetical Take-home Exam Notes

45 pages

18,044 words




- These notes include comprehensive pre-written answers to all components of the Constitutional Law course. All parts of the course are covered in detail, and includes in depth consideration of all parts of the relevant law.
- These notes are perfect for the intense take-home exam and allow you to focus on the factual analysis, instead of having to write out the indicia supporting your answer.
- All the pre-written paragraphs are fully cited, with page numbers included.

Topics covered include:
- Legislative Power
- Corporations Power
- Inconsistency of Laws
- Limits on Legislative Power from Federalism: Intergovernmental Immunities
- Executive Spending
- Conferral of Power upon State Courts
- Grants Power
- Taxation and Excise Duties - Limitations on State Power
- Freedom of Interstate trade and commerce
- Freedom of Political Communication and Voting Rights and Political Donations