Semester 1, 2018

Exam Revision Notes

23 pages

5,447 words



These notes were developed in preparation of the exam, with the suggested examination content in mind. The topics covered in these notes are:
- Definition/Overview of Consumer Behaviour
- Social Influences
- Consumer Diversity
- Psychographics
- Motivation, Ability, Opportunity
- Exposure, Attention, Perception, Comprehension
- Memory and Knowledge
- Attitudes: High v Low Effort
- Consumer Decision-Making Process

There are additional diagrams and explanations than in my semester revision notes AND these notes are also highlighted! This not only makes it easier on the eyes, but will help you better identify headings and subheadings so you can more easily locate topics and understand how they relate to each other. It will hopefully also help you memorise the content according to colour. The colour hierarchy is as follows:
1) Yellow
2) Green
3) Blue
4) Magenta

Happy studying!




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