Semester 1, 2018

Semester Content and Notes

42 pages

11,520 words




These notes contain comprehensive detail about each topic discussed in the unit:

- Management Today
- History of Management (Classical Approaches, Behavioural Approach, Quantitative Approaches, Modern Approaches)
- Authority and Influence
- Managing In and Beyond Corporations (Environmental aspects of management)
- Four Functions of Management (Planning, Organising, Leading, Controlling)
- Decision Making
- Motivation
- Managing for Social Inclusion
- Managing Diversity
- Changing Concept of Careers
- Employee Wellbeing, Voice, Rights
- Critical Perspectives of Management and Organisations

It is presented in order of weeks and will hopefully clear up some confusing or brushed over areas of the unit. Included are tables, diagrams, and images to help you better understand the content. They are easier to remember than the text! Happy studying :)




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