Semester 1, 2018

HD MGNT110/208 Course Notes

102 pages

28,921 words




These notes are very detailed course notes and hours of hard work went into making them. They cover all essential information for the Introduction to Management Course.

They include notes taken from lectures and the textbook (Clegg) as well as personal research.
All diagrams are from the Clegg textbook or lectures.

Week 1: Managing and Organisations (introduction)
Week 2: Managing One Best Way & Models of Management
Week 3: Managing Organisational Systems
Week 4: Managing Teams
Week 5: Managing Cultures
Week 6: Managing Innovation and Change
Week 7: Managing Power and Politics
Week 8: Managing Knowledge and Learning
Week 9: Real World Perspectives (guest lecture)
Week 10: Managing, Leading and Coaching
Week 11: Managing Globalisation
Week 12: Managing Organisational Design