Semester 1, 2018

Chemistry 1 2nd Half Semester Summary Notes (H1)

14 pages

3,000 words




Creating and studying from these notes was my main method of revision for Chemistry 1 and greatly helped me achieve an H1. They are a concise summary of lecture notes, combined with my own knowledge and self-drawn diagrams as well as diagrams/illustrations from external sources.

They are hand written with a stylus on an iPad. This is the second half of my Chemistry 1 notes, split in half due to file size limits.

Topics include:
1. Equilibrium
(Thermodynamic Activity, Equilibrium Constant, Reaction Quotient, Gibbs & Equilibrium, Le Chatelier's Principle, Van't Hoff Equation)
2. Acids & Bases
(Lewis Acids & Bases, Water Self-Ionisation, Strengths of Acids and Bases - pKa and pKb, pH of Weak Acids and Bases, Buffers)
3. Chemical Bonding
(Covalent Bonding, Lewis Structures, VSEPR and Molecular Shape, Molecular Orbital Theory, Metallic Bonding, Intermolecular Forces)
4. Periodicity
(Atomic Size, Ionic Size, Isoelectronic Species, Ionization Energy, Electron Affinity, Electronegativity, Metallic Character)
5. Solubility
(Henry's Law, Solubility Product, Precipitation, Lattice Energy, X-Ray Crystallography)
6. Solids
(Tetrahedral and Octahedral Sites, Sphere Packing, Metals, Ionic Solids, Network Solids)
7. Main Group Chemistry
(Carbon Allotropes, Oxygen Allotropes, Groups 14-17)
8. Compounds of Oxygen, Sulfur, Nitrogen & Phosphorous




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