Semester 2, 2017

Business Law Notes

50 pages

20,762 words




As notes are permitted into the exams, it is always helpful to have a copy handy. My notes are summarised but well detailed, neat and easy to understand whether for revision or taken into the exams (or even taken to tutorials as preparation). Several relevant cases are summarised for each topic.

The topics included are:
Week 2: Offer and Acceptance
Week 3: Intention, Consideration, Formalities, Genuine Consent
Week 4: Contents and the Interpretation of the Contract
Week 5: Termination
Week 6: Tort of negligence
Week 7: Tort of negligence (professionals)
Week 8: Consumer Law (Part 1)
Week 9: Consumer Law (Part 2)
Week 10: Law of Business Organisations (Part 1)
Week 11: Law of Business Organisations (Part 2)

I will provide evidence of my marks upon request.




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