Semester 1, 2018

HIGH DISTINCTION BUSL251 Business and Corporations Law Lecture and Textbook Notes

63 pages

12,818 words




For the thoroughly enjoyable and informative BUSL251 unit, these comprehensive study notes are based on Lecture notes, Tutorial exercises and Homework questions as well as a detailed summary of all relevant textbook material.

With the right notes and preparation, you can perform well in BUSL251 across the assignments, tutorial questions and exams throughout the semester.

My notes cover all difficult questions and topics that can be covered within the unit across the 13 week semester and incorporate an effective balance of specific case law and statute references.

As a general overview, topics included are: The Legal Framework and Law of Tort, Contract Law, Comparison of Business Organisations, Director's and Corporate Management, Fiduciary and Statutory Duties, Takeovers and Liquidation.

Good luck!