Detailed and paraphrased summary of entire unit content from weeks 1 to 13. Readings covered include lecture notes and the textbook. Topics covered are as follows:
WEEK 1: Cells, tissues and inflammation
WEEK 2: The immune system
WEEK 3: Spleen and B cells
WEEK 4: NK cells and the respiratory system
WEEK 5: The GI tract, the liver and the pancreas
WEEK 6: Neoplastic diseases
WEEK 7: The renal system
WEEK 8: The endocrine system
WEEK 9: The musculoskeletal system
WEEK 10: The neuromuscular system
WEEK 11: The brain and nervous system
WEEK 12: The cardiovascular system
WEEK 13: Congenital and inherited diseases


Semester 1, 2018

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