Semester 2, 2017

LAWS50038 Legal Ethics Hypothetical and Essay Notes

40 pages

23,818 words




- These notes provide a comprehensive checklist for successfully completing hypothetical questions for Legal Ethics
- The notes are colour-coded and structured in a logical way in a way that is easy to understand and apply in an exam setting.
- The notes include concise summaries of all the relevant key cases, legislation and indicia and are laid out in a structured manner.
- These notes include useful dot point summaries of key readings throughout the course and provide useful insights for possible essay responses.

Topics included in these notes are:
- Duty of Independence
- Duty of Frankness / Candour
- Duty of not to abuse court processes (Duty of Fairness)
- Duty of Confidentiality
- Client Legal Privilege
- Conflicts of Interest
- Concurrent Conflicts of Interest
- Successive Conflicts of Interest
- Costs Disclosure, Billing and Client Money
- Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct v Professional Misconduct