Semester 2, 2017

MLL406 - Comprehensive Taxation Law Notes

120 pages

25,443 words




Comprehensive Taxation Law notes detailing all topics covered in the unit bar Topic 1 (Introduction).

Topics included:
Topic 2 - Assessable Income
Topic 3 - Capital Gains Tax
Topic 4 - Deductions
Topic 5 - Trading Stock
Topic 6 - The Taxation of Individuals, Shareholders,
Beneficiaries and Partners
Topic 7 - Other Taxes - FBT and GST
Topic 8 - Taxation Administration & Avoidance

The notes are a summation of all the relevant lecture slides, textbook readings and key cases.

All key cases and their principles are summarised and set out in an easy-to-reference format.

Examples are provided to assist in the understanding and application of principles and are great for overall revision and exam preparation.

The notes are fully colour-coded for ease of reference.




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