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These notes have been crafted in such a way that they can be tailored to help anyone achieve their goals. Whether you are hoping to obtain a HD mark or are simply trying to pass the unit, these notes can be of assistance.

I created these notes so that I could have a condensed form of the unit. In less than 20 pages, these notes cover all the basics, ensuring you are exposed to everything there is, while elaborating on some of the more complex topics.

The first few weeks are covered in greater depth in these notes so that you are able to get a good feel of the unit. The remaining weeks are still covered in entirety, but everything is more condensed so that you can learn the content efficiently and effectively. Therefore, you can use the notes either 3 months before the exam, or the night before.

**About the unit**

Tricky but manageable.
> Microeconomics sometimes gets a bad reputation, but this is predominantly due to a lack of motivation and effort. Those who are willing to stay up to date on the content will be able to get a very decent mark.

> Like most units the textbook is expensive and excessive. The lectures offer enough information and notes like these, or many of the other ones on StudentVIP, will give you everything you will need to know.

> The exam is worth 60% and is mainly focused on the last 5 weeks (MC = All weeks, Short Answer = weeks 7-11). Therefore, the majority of your mark will be determined in the exam room. By preparing adequately and mastering weeks 7-11, you can achieve a great score.

*These notes should be used to help assist with your study and should not be used in isolation to learn the content*


Semester 1, 2018

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