Semester 1, 2018

Admin full exam and case summary notes

29 pages

13,911 words




Comprehensive and concise case summaries that give you the most important take-away information of cases ye highlights the nuances of each case so you can effectively analogise and contrast.

Structured under useful headings so you don't lose the big picture. Labelled very clearly.

Basically in HIRAC form - each case includes the basic material facts that make the case special, the issue, the rule, any relevant parts of the judgment. It also includes notes on any nuances of specific cases (他) which is extremely useful for the bigger picture and to compare and analogise cases (for both problem questions and short answers).

Any important infromation or nuances in cases are also in bold/underlined.

Covers the whole 2018 course, including: scope of judicial review, judicial review remedies, jurisdictional errors, grounds of review, standing, statutory restrictions on jurisdictional review, tribunals and merits review.