Complete in-depth lecture notes for Introduction to Information Systems. This compilation of lecture notes covers all IIS topics, with various diagrams and images to assist your understanding of the course. With these notes, I was able to gain perfect mark for the quizzes and successfully achieved HD for the exam as well as my final grade. I hope you find these useful as I did! :)

31266 Topic List:
- Lecture 1 Introduction to information systems
- Lecture 2 Organisational strategy, competitive advantage, and information systems
- Lecture 3 Data and knowledge management
- Lecture 4 Information systems within the organization
- Lecture 5 Information security
- Lecture 6 Ethics and privacy
- Lecture 7 Telecommunications and networking
- Lecture 8 Business intelligence
- Lecture 9 Acquiring information systems and applications


Spring session, 2017

74 pages

14,038 words


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