Semester 1, 2018

Corps Exam Summary & Example Template

36 pages

11,230 words




- Directors' duties (statutory and general law (equity/fiduciary/CL)) Eg. DoCSD, good faith, improper use of info and position, fiduciary obligation of no conflict no profit, insolvent trading, etc.
- Duty to prevent insolvent trading (s 588G)
- Voidable transactions
- Shareholder statutory remedies
- Oppression
- Statutory derivative action
- Winding up
- All remedies overview

- Summary of relevant law under headings that are ordered in a convenient example answer template, followed by the appropriate source of authority (statute or case)
- inserted snips of the relevant legislation for accurate and convenient application of the law - always use the most up to date legislation
- inserts of law from the textbook where appropriate
- brief example text and template for difference scenarios.
- Table of contents