Semester 2, 2016

PSY235 Final Exam Notes

100 pages

40,696 words




Notes Covering Lectures:
Developmental Theories
Prenatal Development: Genetic and Environmental Influences
Prenatal Development: Life in the Womb - The First Environment
Infant Development
Infant Development: Perceptual Development
Infant Development - Adult & Infant Communication and Attunement
Piaget's Approach to Cognitive Development
Cognitive Development II: Human Development
Cognitive Development II - Social Cognition: Children's Understanding of Other Minds
Temperament and Parenting
Emotional Development and Attachment: The Role of Caregivers Play in Emotion Regulation
Emotional Development and Attachment: Attachment
Emotional Development & Attachment: Adult Attachment - A Lifespan Perspective
Contexts for Development Part I
Contexts for Development Part II - The Contemporary Australian Family & Family Ecology
Contexts for Development Part III - Challenging Contexts For Australian Families
Gender Development
Moral Development
Adolescence and Early Adulthood - Adolescence
Adolescence and Early Adulthood - Young Adulthood
A Stage Theory of Development That Includes Adulthood & Ageing: Erik Erikson
Myths of Midlife: Is there a Midlife Crisis?
Successful Ageing: Older Theories & Modern Conceptions
Death and Dying




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