Semester 2, 2017

Detailed Ethics and Professional Responsibility Notes

95 pages

27,082 words




These notes are very detailed and hours of hard work went into making them. They cover all essential information for the Ethics and Professional Responsibility course.
It includes not only lecture notes but notes from both required textbooks.

They include notes from the reading textbook plus all relevant legislation sections and cases used.

These notes are everything you need to stay up to date in LLB197!!!

Topics List:
- Lawyers and what they do (week 1)
- Legal Education in Australia (week 1)
- The Ethical Framework (week 2)
- Ethics, Values and Professional Responsibility (week 2)
- Admission to the Profession (week 3)
- Historical Background to the Structure and Nature of the Profession (week 3)
- Regulation and Discipline - The Delivery of Legal Services (week 4)
- Regulation and Discipline - Conduct, Complaints and Discipline (week 4)
- Lawyer-Client Relationship (week 5)
- Duty of Competence and Care (week 6)
- Duty of Loyalty (week 7)
- Duty of Loyalty: Conflict of Interest (week 8)
- Duty to the Court and Administration of Justice (week 9)
- Duty to the Profession and Third Parties (week 11)
- Legal Culture and Future Directions (week 13)




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