Semester 1, 2018

H1 STUDENT, 7.0GPA, detailed notes for ANAT30007

72 pages

39,980 words




Lecture-by-lecture notes in great detail. Expands on lecture slides and includes all important points as stressed by each lecturer. You will want this to do well in your subject.

Also attached a glossary at the end of the notes. These include all of the UL and LL muscles with origins and insertions. Worth the money for the time it takes to write all of that out.

1. Subject overview
2. Neuroanatomy 1
3. Neuroanatomy 2
4. Neuroanatomy 3
5. Lumbar spine & back
6. Cervical spine & back
7. Imaging the musculoskeletal system 1
8. Shoulder and arm: Bones and muscles
9. Forearm: Bones and muscles
10. Hand: Bones and muscles
11. Shoulder complex
12. Joints of the elbow
13. Imaging the musculoskeletal system 2: UL
14. Wrist and hand joints
15. Engineering the musculoskeletal system
16. Nerves of upper limb
17. Vessels of upper limbs
18. Surgical repair of the musculoskeletal system
19. Hip and thigh: Bones and muscles
20. Imaging the musculoskeletal system 3: LL
21. Leg: Bones and muscles
22. Foot: Bones and muscles
23. Hip and thigh joints
24. Knee complex
25. Ankle and foot joints
26. Nerves of lower limb
27. Vessels of lower limb
28. Surgical repair of the musculoskeletal system 2
29. Human evolutionary anatomy: skull, back, thorax
30. Human evolutionary anatomy: upper and lower limb
31. Fossil evidence for changes in human locomotion