Semester 2, 2016

Comprehensive HD Standard Real Property Notes (from ex-U:PASS Leader!)

104 pages

32,836 words




I first prepared these notes when I studied the subject using a combination of the lecture notes, Geoffrey Moore's textbook and case judgments. I have since further refined them over the two years I've taught this subject as a U:PASS leader in Real Property.

As I am no longer a U:PASS leader, I am now offering my notes for sale for only $44. This is less than the hourly rate you'd pay for a decent tutor and considering all the hours of time and stress these notes will save you, they are well worth it!

I believe these notes would be very useful not only for the final exam but also for the assignment, tutorial problem questions and a good understanding of the subject material overall. Refer to the Table of Contents in the Sample Notes for all the topics covered.

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