Semester 1, 2017

comprehensive notes + lectures notes(98%)

105 pages

56,767 words




Well detailed comprehensive notes, guaranteed to score. Able to cope with this notes without attending lectures. Worked really hard to finalize what I recalled into this notes.(COMPLETE)

Topics included:
-Drug discovery strategies
-GPCRs signalling
-Ion channels
-Nuclear Hormone receptors
-Drug targets
-In vivo and in vitro models
-Mechanisms and models of drug action
-Determinants of Potency
-Constitutive activity and inverse agonism
-Allosteric modulation
-Standard Kinetic Behaviour
-Pharmacokinetic complications
-Stem Cells in drug discovery and design
-Structure-based drug design
-Targeting protein-protein interactions with small molecules
-Peptides and Biologicals as drugs
-Monoclonal antibodies (and alternative scaffolds)
-Safety pharmacology- in the clinic
-Disease models, biobanks and biomarkers
-Safety Pharmacology- Preclinical studies
-Nucleic acid-based approaches and gene therapy
-A practical course in Clinical trials
-Regulatory submission & post-marketing surveillance