Semester 1, 2017

Comprehensive Exam Summary of PSYC3025 (Psychopathology across the lifespan)

14 pages

2,556 words




Easy to read, comprehensive summary of all topics needed for your final exam for PSYC3025, including:

-Summaries of the DSM criteria, features, aetiology and treatments for all disorders discussed in lectures/labs

-Psychopathology in children, adults, & later-life adults

-Dimensional & categorical approaches to understanding disorders

All topics are fully categorised in bullet points for easy study.

Topics include eating disorders, child psychopathologies, OCD, serious mental illness (incl. personality disorders, psychotic disorders, & bipolar disorder), substance use, and late life disorders.

Key phrases are bolded, but all text is black-and-white so you can highlight as you wish!




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