Semester 2, 2017

LAW109 Course Notes HD (87)

65 pages

21,032 words




About these notes:
The notes follow the unit outline for Macquarie Uni, and clearly extract the principles in an easy and informative way to read. The notes are extremely well formatted and structured to facilitate quick and easy learning and links the relevant principles to the chapters in the unit textbook. Each case and relevant legislation has been dissected to highlight the important principles.

NB** Note that these notes are catered towards maximising your marks. I have intentionally dissected assessable topics and have not covered non-assessable ones in great detail.

The following topics are addressed:

1. Philosophy of crime: What is it? (Lecture 1)
2. General Principles of Criminal Responsibility (Lecture 2)
3. HOMICIDE** (All forms heavily discussed as it relates to the final assessment)
4. Assault
5. Sexual Assault
6. DEFENCES** (Relates to final assessment)

About the author:
- I am a second year student at Sydney Law School.
- I successfully transferred at the end of 2017 from Macquarie University having achieved a high distinction WAM (weighted average mark).