Autumn session, 2016

92322 Medical Surgical Nursing

63 pages

13,324 words




Extensive notes from lectures, readings, and labs

Week One
Lab - Oxygen
Lecture - Respiratory Nursing
Lecture - Pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus
Lecture - Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Lecture - Complications of Diabetes Mellitus
Reading - Diagnostic and laboratory tests

Week Two
Lab - Chest pain assessment/treatment and BLS
Lecture - Cardiac nursing
Lecture - Fluid and electrolytes

Week Three
Lecture - PPE
Lecture - Advanced infection prevention and control
Lecture - Cancer

Week Four
Lecture - Orthopaedics' and fracture management

Week Five
Reading - Blood typing
Reading - Single unit transfusion guide
Lecture - Blood and haematology disorders

Week Six
Reading - Guedel airway
Lab - Glasgow coma scale and pupillary check
Lecture - Drugs and alcohol (substance use/addiction)

Week Seven
Lecture - Recognising the deteriorating patient
Lecture - Spinal Nursing