Autumn session, 2016

92319 Family and Children's Nursing

32 pages

9,304 words




Extensive notes from lectures, and readings

Week One
Lecture - Nutrition and breastfeeding
Lecture - Introduction to Family and Children's Nursing
Reading - Infant and child mortality/morbidity
Reading - Physiologic measurements

Week Two
Lecture - Foetal and maternal health and wellbeing and neonatal considerations
Reading- SIDS and kids: safe sleeping

Week Three
Reading - RCH Child growth in the early years
Reading - RCH Interpreting child growth
Reading - RCH 10 top things about growth charts

Week Four
Lecture - Physiological differences of the paediatric patient (Part A)
Reading - Bronchiolitis

Week Five
Lecture - Physiological Differences of the Paediatric Patient (Part B)
Lecture - RCH Pain assessment
Reading - Infants and children: management of acute gastroenteritis
Reading - Paediatric basic life support

Week Ten
Lecture - Ethical, legal and cultural considerations
Lecture - Delivery devices and home management

IV fluid rate calculation