Autumn session, 2016

92317 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

22 pages

6,419 words




Extensive notes from lectures, and readings

Week one
Reading - Closing the Gap
Lecture - Social determinants of health and primary health care

Week Three
Lecture- Organisations and core issues
Lecture- Overview of Australia/Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history
Lecture - Sister Alison Bush 1942 - 2010
Reading - Aboriginal social, cultural and historical contexts

Week Four
Lecture - David Unaipon
Reading - Medical surgical issues and statistics

Week Five
Lecture - Colleen Shirley Perry (Mum Shirl)
Lecture - Contemporary Indigenous health and wellbeing

Week Six
Lecture - Australian Indigenous historical/health issues
Lecture - Albert Namatjira

Week Seven
Lecture - Tom Calma