Semester 2, 2017

Exam Ready Notes

104 pages

47,996 words




Key features:
- Categorised by class week topic for convenience (Note: This set of notes does NOT include problem-solving and essay writing classes and revision class content)
- Professional, ready for class and final exam (sorted by headers with reference to the UOS outline)
- Cases are condensed in tabular formats with a brief summary of the facts of the case and key principles
- Use of diagrams/flowcharts where possible = Great for visual learners
- Highlights on keywords = Easily pinpoint areas which are essential
*Topics covered:
Table of contents
1. Crime, Law and Morality
2. The Scope and Principles of Criminal Law
3. Determining Criminal Responsibility – Elements of the Offence
4. The elements of criminal offences II
5. Homicide: Murder
6. Homicide II: Unlawful and dangerous Act Manslaughter; Gross Negligence Manslaughter
7. Assault Offences
8. Assault offences/Sexual offences
9. Sexual offences
10. Larceny
11. Extending criminal liability: Complicity
12. Extreme Provocations
13. Self-defence and Excessive self-defence
14. Duress and Necessity
15. Unfitness to Plead, Mental Illness and Substantial Impairment by Abnormality of Mind (SIAM)
16. Automatism
17. The use of evidence of (i) mental illness or (ii) self-induced intoxication to negate intent




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