Semester 2, 2017

MLL391 Civil Procedure and Alternative Dispute Resoluation Exam Notes

93 pages

33,141 words




These exam notes are a fully comprehensive guide to successfully passing MLL391 with high flying colours. The notes include all the course content and lecture notes. Inclusive are exam applications, templates and summaries of various topics.

Topic 1 - Introduction
Sources of Law
Participants & Parties
Adversarial and Inquisitorial Systems
Rule Making Power
Role of the Judge
Case Management
Disadvantages of the judicial system

Topic 2 – Jurisdiction
Transfer of proceedings

Topic 3 – Instituting Proceedings

Topic 4- Service

Topic 5- Appearance

Topic 6 – Parties and Joinder

Topic 7 – Pleadings

Topic 8 – Summary Disposition

Topic 9 – Non-compliance and amendment

Topic 10– Discovery

Topic 11 – Costs

Topic 12 - The Trial

Topic 13 – Alternative Dispute Resolution
Impact of the Civil Procedure Act

Exam templates
Bullock and Sanderson Orders