Semester 2, 2017

Criminal Law complete OUTLINE for exam

88 pages

31,473 words




This is a complete and comprehensive outline for criminal law that could be used to revise for an exam. It includes details and elements of the following crimes/topics: homicide, murder, manslaughter, assault, sexual offences, property offences (theft, deception & fraud offences, burglary, robbery), strict and absolute liability offences and inchoate offences.
It includes references to cases and statutes and covers both common law and statutory law. The notes set out the elements of the crimes in the same way as they would need to be set out in an exam. The first topic in the notes also provides some tips on answering examination questions for this unit. The notes are easy to follow as they are made in bullet points as an outline,, so if you read down it forms a list, and the further you read across the more detail is provided.




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